10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Have a Deep Emotional Connection


I promise you already now you will also love the last point.

1 Your partner has never experienced it.

When you have a really Deep Emotional Connection with your partner you will both enjoy it.
It’s like it’s raining after a long dry time in the desert.
We all crave for a deep connection with an intimate partner.
And almost never experience it. So you’re sharing this invaluable gift with your beloved one.

2 Couples cannot maintain this emotional intimacy

Think back to a time where you might have had your first kiss with your partner or you fell in love. And you felt very emotionally intimate with her or him. And you know whatever you talk about it will be correct and doesn’t throw you out of the relation. You can talk about everything. Without being judged.
So it rocks if you have that deep connection because you know you are in for it for a long time.
Without being afraid that it just suddenly disappears. It’s kinda glue for a longterm relationship.

3 We open up when we feel safe

In an emotional environment of safety, we are encouraged to take risks.
And we won’t take another person’s bad day as offensive and instead provide understanding and strength. Never from a place of neediness. Only from a place of loving.
If we are together with someone who is accepting, caring and compassionate.

4 It builds Trust

A deep emotional connection builds loads of trust. If we dive deep into another person’s value system, beliefs and fears, we get to know the persons like only her/his family and best friends knows them. And this person puts us on the same level of trust. You will often hear such sayings then as:

“I feel like I have known you for years. This is amazing.”


5 Connect with ourselves

We can learn and apply this connection to ourselves to experience more what’s in us. What holds us back. What motivates us and what we feel.

6 Looking behind that mask

We can experience our partner for real. Without wearing a mask. Some things you’d never like to admit in front of others. Maybe sometimes even not to your closest friends. But your partner.

7 You can’t deny that kind of attraction

Emotional attraction is more long term than just physical attraction.
Have you ever tried to connect to a person on a deeper level?
It might be amazing what happens then.
If you got more distant after time with your so-called beloved one, this might have been the thing lacking: A deep emotional connection.

8 You stand out

Ask people around you, men, women, couples how many did really experience an intimate deep emotional connection with their partner at least once in their life?
Yes, it’s a shocking truth: Many will say they have never had it yet.
Or they might say:

“I guess it doesn’t even exist.”

But if you have it, positive people around you will say:

“Oh my gosh. Look at them. They are so sweet, I wished I had that too.”

9 We experience Motivations, Emotions, Character Traits

You will notice, too that we talk about what makes our partner want to do some things and why. We not only experience the how anymore also the deep WHYs.

10 We awaken interest in our partner

If there is a disturbance in the force these things causing this can be the very things that hold us down.
If we instead awaken interest in our partner he will start to ask things about us. To find out more about you too. If you start the connection first and do it right your partner WANTS to CONNECT BACK. ALWAYS. Your partner will make the effort to understand and invest time, emotions and even money into being with you.

And another one:

In the case of you being a guy and your partner is a woman, it will be much easier for her to orgasm.
She can relax much more into being intimate because she knows you want really her. Emotionally and physically. Not only physically. Being totally in the moment. She won’t have to think about any insecurities. She might even offer sex herself if she feels that deep emotional connection.
And she will be really committed to the relationship. And therefore no void needs to be filled.

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