Why is a Deep Emotional Connection of Tremendous Value?

Intimacy privacy security
When you're building trust by establishing a deep emotional connection to create an environment of security for the two of you. Why? Because the person you're talking to will realize more and more the following things: You don't judge. You're listening actively. You're accepting. You're not rejecting. You're not differentiating. You're not changing the topic. […]

101 Ways for a Better Emotional Connection

101 Wege, um zu connecten
I will relate to building a connection between man and woman here as well. But be aware that it is universal. It also works for friends. You can learn to consider all those issues at once. But don't see it as a must. For sure every consideration will improve your daily conversation with other people. […]

Want to fall in love? Just do this.

couple in love
Let's be honest: Do you know those 36 questions? (And there is one question more, read on...) Almost everyone has heard about the 36 questions to make someone fall in love. It's about reading those questions aloud to each other. Everyone has to ask AND to answer them. But what you most likely don't know: […]

Want to Improve your Conversations Big Time? - Just do This:

This article is about becoming aware what to change when talking to someone. And how to improve conversations with people in general. You'd like to talk with them. Not at them. Because all in all you want to give the conversation a vibe of being a team and collaborating. Not competing. Collaborating will help you […]

Dance Kizomba and Connect

Kizomba Woman Spin Smiling
What is this post all about? Kizomba is derived from the Portuguese word "Kizomba" and originates in Angola, Africa. Normally I am talking about how to use the words and then to use the vibe to emphasize the connection. This should be a subconscious thing with time. You shouldn't necessarily feel the need to think […]

Take a Break

It's important to introduce breaks in a conversation. Especially when you want to create a deep connection. Why? Maybe because you made your conversation partner think and therefore she doesn't talk anymore for a while. She thinks about how to mention and formulate her thoughts. Or - imagine you speak to her inner core and […]

Get into the bathroom! And stop eating!

First of all, I wish you a happy Easter and I hope that you do not have to work during the weekend. If so, I hope at least that you have a lot of fun and it is interesting for you. But now let's continue with the subject of this post. Your House. My House. In […]

Pitfalls - Man to woman

This is a summarization about how to improve your conversational skills. This will help you to avoid the most common pitfalls. 1. Wrong Mindset – pushing her to do something  This is not about pushing her over until she gives in. Not at all. Don't do this. Please! You want to get to know her […]

A Deep Connection - What is it?

You feel it. You will feel it when it is there. You can see it if you see this loving couple walking by. You know it's there. Do you always need to establish a Deep Connection consciously? No, you can just feel it. It might just happen, too. You might feel it, when you're hugging […]

How can I connect on a deeper level, even if I don't know what to talk about?

I will give you some tipps here that should make it a lot easier about how to do that. I often have the impression recently that listening is a lost art now. Is it really? What do you think? Just write a comment below if you like this article. But on the other side we […]