How Do I Know if my Connection to Someone Is Special? – 7 Signs

If you have really an amazing connection together that goes deep it can be perceived by many factors.
You might be wondering if it really is like this or not, but there are obvious signs.
I will sharpen your perception here to get this.

1. Common adventurous experiences

One thing that deepens a connection and strengthens it beyond the surface is common experiences.
You might have been through something difficult together.
For example, when I was in Thailand once together with a girl, the boat’s motor caught fire.
And we didn’t know if we would have to swim a fair amount to get back where we came from.
And no, it was not funny, but it for sure made our connection deeper.

2. You are free to be yourself

You might feel great relief because you feel you can completely relax into being yourself.
No shtick, no front or persona is in your way. You’re completely real. Like your family or your best friends know you.

3. Continuing the conversation like it never stopped

You might even just start talking where you stopped the last time and explore some feelings like it wasn’t ever different. You feel like it has always been like this. Especially if you as a man have talked to a woman before that way she doesn’t necessarily want to go surface again.

4. Telling about gaining full respect

I as a man many times experienced that woman say to me:
You know I only met a few men being able to talk like this, but you’re the only one that is not judgmental. Not even a little bit. Thanks. I am respecting you.

5. Contributing a lot to the conversation

Even if you don’t know each other so well yet and you feel you’re on the road to a special connection you will see that the other person brings in a lot to the conversation.

7. Talking about non-superficial stuff

If you happen to find yourself in a talk with a person of the opposite gender and suddenly you notice that you do not talk only about hobbies, things you do anymore but about what are each other’s values or how they might have changed in life and not only like before maybe about music or your favorite films, then this is also a clear sign that the connection has gone deeper.

Review – Participant Y. U.

Because I knew very little about that topic, there’s a lot to learn. But here’s my review.

For sure I learnt new things because of the coaching and already understood what it’s all about.
And it’s also more important to me than JUST ONLY learn it.

Your practical examples got me tuned in I could practice on it.
I learned where to connect the missing dots and how I can succeed in telling things about her derived by what she’s telling to give room for a full blown conversation.

It is definitely an enrichment in any communication case and I highly recommended learning it.