A Deep Connection – What is it?

You feel it.

You will feel it when it is there.
You can see it if you see this loving couple walking by.
You know it’s there.

Do you always need to establish a Deep Connection consciously?

No, you can just feel it. It might just happen, too.
You might feel it when you’re hugging someone or in a
dance position of a sensual dance like Kizomba.
It might happen through music.
There are a lot of things that can establish it.

Does a Deep Connection always need words?

Of course not.
If you’ve once felt it you will be always able to recognize it.
It’s something you can’t really describe in a sense of what it is.
But you definitely it’s possible describing how to establish it.
Basically, it’s something everyone is craving. We just might not be aware of it.
We like to have a deep connection with someone.
And it feels great.
Normally women are the ones who wish to have this connection with their male partners.
And many of us men are too scared or don’t even know how to.
If we’re not already in a relationship.

Men’s side

We fear that we

  • … will be stuck in the friend zone if trying to establish a connection.
  • … feel strange doing this.
  • … think we don’t need this.
  • … don’t want a relationship.
  • … don’t want to be her emotional tampon.
  • … getting too intimate

It doesn’t matter if this really makes sense. This is what we as men might fear because we don’t know what that “deep connection”-thingy really is.

Can men recognize it?
If we learn how sure we can.
But normally we’re often not aware of it.

Women’s side

Women are normally very aware of a connection.

Women might fear to be

  • … hurt again, after having had a relationship with a deep connection.
  • … rejected, because men are unaware of what women offer
  • … judged, especially for their negative beliefs
  • … not understood
  • … pushed into a connection too fast

At least a deep connection is sharing many things together other people wouldn’t know about.
Because they are just perceiving the person at the surface.
This can be very private thoughts, fears or values, or even believes.
These can be stories or challenges.
And it can be things you can’t really describe like feelings in general that a couple might share.

Did you ever have a deep connection with someone?
How would you describe it?

 Write your story in the comment field below.

I am curious to read your story.

And if you want to know more, just continue here: Why an Emotional Connection?
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