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Nowadays often men, especially in Europe, don’t know what their female life partner wants.
Their girlfriend wants to feel their masculinity.

If you might come to talk with the man of the relationship alone, he might maybe tell, that she is unsatisfied.

She’s telling you about things she’s not satisfied with.

What comes across that might be Wrong

  • She criticizes you.
  • She nags you.
  • She might literally even fight with you.
  • She wants you to give things up for her.
  • And she wants you to change some things.
  • She’s jealous.

Are those really the points or is there something much deeper?

Mostly those are signs that your girlfriend or wife wants you to reconnect to your masculine male power.

We always search for a solution in relationships.
Next time don’t do it.

Maybe your fiance-to-be just wants a hug?

P.S.: Guys, still skeptical? Ok, feel free to ask any woman, if she’d love to have a deep connection with someone. And tell me.
Feel free to mail me. I’ll read every response.


What happens here?

In this case, I guess she misses something in the relationship.

Just ask them separately for example if they know what freedom means for each other?
Most of the couples can’t tell.

Why? Because the men don’t make the effort to connect on a deeper level.
And the women won’t tell them.
So most of the time both sides are hopeless.
Because like this, if the men don’t become more aware of these things
Because they want their men to find out themselves.
And to become aware of the subtlest nuances.

The Men:


Risk it. Make the effort to know your girlfriend or wife on a deeper level. There’s no way around it. And there are no shortcuts.
You want to know about her values, beliefs, maybe even how she judges herself, how she feels in certain situations and so much more.
And – like told before – what means freedom to her.

Take the lead. Don’t let her decide. And don’t be rigid. This means: Just make suggestions.
Don’t create insecure conversations like:

Erm… Do you want to the cinema or… erm… maybe to the restaurant?

Much better is:

Him: Hey, let’s go to the cinema. I want to see that movie… bloody blah.
Her: But I don’t want to see that.
(Him: Whispers something in her ear)
Her: Oh, yeah. That’s great. Let’s go. When does the film actually start?

More examples you’ll find here: Pitfalls – Man to woman, how can I improve my conversational skills?

Learn to connect. Don’t miss out on it. Because otherwise, you’re missing out on a huge gift.
The personality of your girlfriend.

  • Learn to connect
  • Risk something
  • Know who you are
  • Don’t always search for solutions (this needs work and calibration)
  • Don’t take shortcuts to any of these points.
  • Be Decisive

The Women:


Don’t be that subtle all the time. I know, you don’t want to appear overaggressive or too obvious, because then it’s easy to get it.

If you nag him constantly, those might be some missing things in your relationship:

  • You want to feel his masculinity.
  • You want to feel his male power.
  • You want to feel his strength. The strength of who he is.
  • You want to connect.
  • You want him to risk something
  • You want to trust him
  • You want to relax with him

But men barely ever do it, right?
Most of the time they don’t even know it exists.
When they learn about it, they got often scared and search for excuses to protect their ego.

“I don’t need that”
“It works really well without.”

And women hate that, right?
Because women have such a desire for someone to connect deeply with them.

What a wonderful team – and even better – if it becomes the truth when it’s with your boyfriend.

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