• Are you fed up with superficial conversations that lead nowhere and leave you with a shallow feeling?

    How would you like to establish a deeper connection with people you’ve just met authentically? I’ll help you to:
    ✔️ Draw people in to be engaged in your conversation
    ✔️ Own the silence in conversations
    ✔️ Consistently be fully present while communicating with others
    ✔️ Go beyond the superficial small talk
    ✔️ Improve social awareness and acuity
    ✔️ Build more trust and have inspiring conversations
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Are you struggling with moving a conversation to a deeper level? Let me help you guide you through the process to master every conversation on a deeper level with ease. And move from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence. Therefore, you’ll not even have to think about this anymore.

Why is a Deep Emotional Connection of Tremendous Value?

When you’re building trust by establishing a deep emotional connection to create an environment of security for the two of you. Why? Because the person you’re talking to will realize more and more the following things: You don’t judge. You’re listening actively. You’re accepting. You’re not rejecting. You’re not differentiating. You’re not changing the topic. […]

101 Ways for a Better Emotional Connection

I will relate to building a connection between man and woman here as well. But be aware that it is universal. It also works for friends. You can learn to consider all those issues at once. But don’t see it as a must. For sure every consideration will improve your daily conversation with other people. […]

Want to fall in love? Just do this.

Let’s be honest: Do you know those 36 questions? (And there is one question more, read on…) Almost everyone has heard about the 36 questions to make someone fall in love. It’s about reading those questions aloud to each other. Everyone has to ask AND to answer them. But what you most likely don’t know: […]

Hi! I am Holger.

I’ve always had a preference to get to know people on a deeper level.
Because I didn’t like the small talk at all. Talk to me using yes/no questions, and I’ll politely say goodbye.
I would always ask questions that no one had ever asked you before. Like if you’re thinking in pictures, emotions, colors, keywords or whatever may be the case. When I was a little guy I often sneaked into the rooms of my older sister to see what novels she is reading. Later on I took interest in everything that deals with empathy and psychology. Until today there’s not much actionable content online or available for you to acquire those skills.
That’s what I’ll be going to help you with.