I don’t trust anyone – reconnect with yourself

1. You Lost Trust – Regain It


Maybe you’ve experienced that you can’t trust anyone anymore. At least not now.
Why is that? Because you lost the connection to yourself. And if you don’t trust yourself anymore, how should you be possibly trust others?

Imagine the following example:

You moved from

New York to Berlin.

What could you experience? What might happen? What feelings might you experience?

I am sure a lot of things going on there.

Let’s see the environment first:

New York is in the US, Berlin in Germany. So you come to a different cultural background. It’s a different place in the world.
And nature is different too.

What’s happening in terms of your social circle?

You might leave your friends and family behind. Your workers and co-workers. Acquaintances.
But you’re also able to connect to others in the new town, new country.

a) Feelings

What feelings might you experience?

Maybe you’re excited. You don’t know how you get along with all the new stuff. Paper war, judgment of people, new situations, cultural misunderstandings, new rules, laws, government, customs.
Anger. Because you can’t manage everything first. It takes time.
Impatience. You want the obstacles to disappear more quickly.
Resistance. You don’t want the situation to be like that.
Insecurity. Gosh, can I deal with all that? Will I make it? How will everything be?
Excitement. It can also be exciting. There is this new start. New possibilities. New opportunities. New sights of life.
And much more.

b) Motivation

What could be your motivation to do that?

This also can be derived from a wide field of possibilities.
Maybe you have to leave your country, because there is a war.
You want to restart.
You lost your jobs and economy is very bad so you’re forced to try something new in another country.

c) Character Traits

What type of person are you in terms of character traits?

You have to brave to do that.
You have to be open to doing that.
You have to grow to do that.

First it seems just to be a sentence: “I’ve moved from New York to Berlin.”

But now since we considered some things around you get a wider angled view.

And now, put yourself into this role. Just imagine YOU ARE JUST ABOUT TO MOVE TO BERLIN FROM NEW YORK.
And after that imagine you would already be there. You got now where it takes you?
So just apply it to yourself.
If possible try this with a friend.

That’s a part of what you can do to reconnect with yourself.

2. Get re-attached to your emotions

By letting go of them. Yes, that sounds very contradictory at first.
In order to reconnect with your emotions in the sense of how they should be, it is important to dissolve any resistance.
That means: Just allow the feelings without resistance. Do not stop them. Let them flow.

3. Re-connect with your inner child


Give your inner child a hug.

1.  Visualize your best place ever to be 

Just let a place arise in your mind, where you feel safe and calm.

Note: If you think you have difficulties to visualize I’ll just want you to know: No sharp clear picture has to be in your mind. Even only the process of TRYING to visualize is sufficient.

Ask your mind to show your inner child and let it find that point in time where you might have lost your this child and it has been replaced by an adult.
It does not work? Then let it just bring up one of the last moments you can rememebr where you as a child were completely happy, carefree and passionate.

You will notice your subconsciousness will automatically come up with a time and an appearance.
Let that child play. Make some friends appear. Watch it a while.
For example, try doing something you loved to do in the past (e.g. playing peekabo, swinging on a set of swings, walking in the woods, playing with toy cars, doing handstands).
When you see the child is not carefree anymore step into your past movie and just give it a hug.
Tell it that it doesn’t have to be scared anymore because you’re there. And whatever it feels at the moment is ok.
There is nothing wrong about that.
Dive into the experience.

if you see yourself as a child getting confused because there happens something which it considers to be bad, take care and show that it is not alone.

2. Have more fun


And if you didn’t have fun really anymore start having fun again first!
I just noticed for example I didn’t listen to music anymore since I moved into another country.
When I put on my headphones and just cracked into a tune I love it was an instant pure bliss.
Do something you didn’t do for a long time. Especially if is something you’d love to do, but society dooms it because you’re not supposed to do it as an adult.
Who told us that we can’t have as much fun anymore later in our life just beecause we’re grown-ups?
Don’t become one of those people that have that empty eyes because they lost all their fun and connection.
Who says you can’t have fun standing in a queue? Especially at the doctor’s office or in a bank.

Why you become disattached of your inner child and lost that glare in your eyes?
From that vulnerable, passionate carefree side of yourself?

How did the persons – hopefully your real lovable mom and dad treat you as a child?

Did they nurture your all your needs?

Or did you experience some bad stuff and you’re not really over it?
You still got some repressed or suppressed feelings stuck in you?

Do you still cling to behavioral patterns, thoughts, feelings and beliefs that show
How do your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and beliefs reflect what you experienced as a child?

Find out your core beliefs to see where you are now and get back. Close that gap that occurred.
To find out your core beliefs you might ask:

And now crush it and live life to the fullest

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