Quick Tipps to build more Trust

What can you do to build more trust even if you’re not good at building an emotional connection?

Say the person’s name sometime to build more trust

Don’t overdo it and don’t let it out. Try to find the right balance.
To calibrate this more socially:
If you’re not sure when just do it when you would write a question mark or an explanation mark in your sentence.

Don’t judge the person you’re talking to.

Especially if the person is talking about a belief:

Jon Doe: “You know when I am searching a partner for a relationship, it never worked out, but if I stop searching it might happen. So I learned not to search anymore.”
Don’t just tell: “Think positive, Jon Doe.”

Ask how he comes to this conclusion or tell him HOW you can relate to this.

Penetrate the other person’s reality.

Don’t only stay in your reality.
If the person you talk to happens to be from Italy, ask him or her for example:

“What are the 3 most important things you like about Italy?”


“What are the 3 most important things you like about and I should see or experience when I visit Italy?”

Don’t suffocate that little flame.

If you notice the person is just opening up talking, don’t interrupt.
Give the conversation and so the other person room to talk more to you.

Give space. This means take everything in the other person is giving off. Don’t reject anything.
Otherwise you might create distance and no connection.

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