Review - Participant Paul

I am a former participant of Holgers Deep Trust Coaching Well then. It's a great pleasure to me to write this Review. The whole event took part in Stuttgart. The whole thing took place in Stuttgart, Holger has welcomed me very friendly on Friday and we are first in a bar and have a couple […]

How can I connect on a deeper level, even if I don't know what to talk about?

I will give you some tipps here that should make it a lot easier about how to do that. I often have the impression recently that listening is a lost art now. Is it really? What do you think? Just write a comment below if you like this article. But on the other side we […]

How Do I Know if my Connection to Someone Is Special? - 7 Signs

If you have really an amazing connection together that goes deep it can be perceived by many factors. You might wondering yourself if it really is like this or not, but there are obvious signs. I will sharpen your perception here to get this. 1. Common adventurous experiences One thing that deepens a connection and […]

You want to improve your communications and be able to build an emotional connection?

Make sure to get your free 1-hour Coaching here, to improve your conversation skills and learn how to build an emotional connection. Do your conversations suddenly fizzle out? Do people suddenly frown when talking to you and then Do you think you say the right thing and anyway the conversations come to an abrupt end? Do […]

Review - Participant Y. U.

Because I knew very little about that topic, there's a lot to learn. But here's my review. For sure I learnt new things because of the coaching and already understood what it's all about. And it's also more important to me than JUST ONLY learn it. Your practical examples got me tuned in I could […]