Who am I?

My task is helping you improving your emotional conversational skills.
Not more but also not less.

Hi I am Holger.

I noticed that there is a way of communication we might encounter a lot, it’s out there, it’s present but we’re mostly not aware of it.

This is like it happened to me one time when I was in Cologne and a guy came to me and said:

You seem to have this very cool conversational skill. Teach it to me, please.
But I wasn’t aware of it either. Later I was sure I can doing it, but didn’t know HOW am I doing it.
So I find out about that.

And this is what I am doing now.

Helping others

I am clear about I want to teach this to as many people as possible.This I why I opened this site and will give you a free E-Mail-Course on how to build a deep emotional connection.

Many of us deal with the same problems, if you can’t establish a conversation with other people many opportunities go down the drain.

I started teaching the gained applied knowledge to my friends and could observe how their conversation skills improved dramatically.

This is how I could distill my knowledge and put them into concepts I am teaching now.

You will not only learn how to talk emotionally but also the principles behind that make it work and see by yourself WHY it is working.

If you wanna start changing your life today, just subscribe or write a mail to:

Coaching ([email protected])

Until end of sommer I am offering a free one-on-one coaching hour.

No matter if we communicate via phone or internet call.

I am looking forward to meeting you.


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