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Talks at a high level are rare today, often a great lack of understanding blocks the communication flow.
Communication is important. Without communication no relations can be established, neither business-like nor privately.
Through many years of experience, a possibility has emerged.


Good communication is something that seems to hide itself from many people nowadays.
So what is it all about?

– Showing real genuine interest
– Active listening
– Relating to the topic

These are some of the most important basic principles to be successful at talking, no matter if your conversational partner is a man or a woman.
And to build a conversation that way a conversation partner will even later have the feeling of:
„We had a great talk.“

Many want to learn about flirting and learning how to flirt. Who wants to flirt, needs to know how to talk.

Do you need now to learn NLP? It might be an advantage to know, but you don’t have to know about it to learn how to build a connection.
Already dozens have convinced themselves that the effects of this type of conversation are a great benefit in their lifes.

Deep Trust offers Seminars.
Deep Comfort bietet dazu Seminare an.
We teach type of communication gradually closer until you’ve mastered it perfectly.

Years of experience in this area to communicate, have been implemented and evolved.
The consistent high standard is ensured by the fact that the manager of Deep Comfort continuously train in the art of communication.

This is how Holger and his staff always convey the latest knowledge.
First, the general conversation model is presented by theory, then immediately the practice follows.
We show you an opportunity to never run out of words again and lead your conversations consistently to
interesting talks without failing.

These type of talking works always. No matter if you’re involved in a business talk or talking to another man or to a woman.
But we are also aware of the subtle nuances you can throw in to be adjusted perfectly to every situation.

For example what is important when a man wants to get to know a woman?

What are the advantages?

– to gain trust of the conversationl partner if the interest is genuine and real
– learn to improve your expressional level
– learn how to talk socially calibtrated without end and never run out of things to say again
– interesting exciting talks
– find believes and emotional levels

If you are interested to learn more or consider a coaching write an email at:

Coaching ([email protected] )

Make sure to post your full name, your phone number (internation format)
and details about what you’re considering to learn.

We will always answer as soon as possible.