Review – Participant S.T.

Hello Holger

I just wanted to say thank you again for your invested time in which I got to know so much about conversations and conversation starters,
the needs of people as well as much about myself!
This knowledge fundamentally changed my life! I would not be where I am today.

I would not stand here with confidence like I have here now.
Through this knowledge, I became much more aware of what I am doing.
I notice it every day as I make decisions differently. This would not be possible for me to do if I had not met you.
Every day I discover mistakes of me, but also mistakes of strangers, and usually notice in a split second why this conversation leads nowhere.
And I realize why some women lose interest during the conversation and can cope with such situations.
I have a repertoire of possible

  • subjects
  • questions
  • response patterns

I won so much life quality from you and what you offer through your own ambition on this topic and it’s really priceless. I am so grateful and happy about that!!! 😊

I thought you should know and be reminded again
that you are a unique person doing exactly the right thing!

I am incredibly happy to know you and to be among my friends. 🤗

Greetings from Canada☺💫🌲


Review – Participant Tobias M.

Good communication – suitable for building a deep connection between people –
is an important and valuable skill that is hardly ever properly taught and learned.
The more potential is lacking the bigger the difference it can make.
It’s like giving water to a thirsty traveler in a desert.

Holger is a natural, self-taught, and master trainer in this field.
With him as a coach, all social lights are green.

– Tobias M.

Review – Participant B. K.

…I liked it, I already did it one year ago: Motivation, Emotion, Character traits, to repeat it and using the examples it improved…

…you will change your whole being, how can I be actively changing, to improve further, on one side it is building subtle questions, and practicing everything…

Thank you very much!

(P.S. the audio is still only in German here)